TASK Public Team Information (War Server)

SA Abi’s,
New Rules for the “War Server’s” coming into effect!

Task War Server 1#:
As from now the War 1# is Only for the War Team Members!
All Members from the War-Team have the right to get the Server Password.
Only the War-Team Leders and Main-Admin’s from TASK have the Rights
to take Members from the Publik Team into War Server 1#.
Wehn no War-Team Leder or Main-Admin is Online,
the War-Team-Members have the Rights to Vote in
a Public-Team-Member on the War Server 1#.
Only wehn all War-Members are agreed the Vote, it’s possible to take a Public-Member to War Server #1.

Main Admins for War 1#:

  • DesoDog
  • Karma

Task War Server 2#:
The War Server 2# is for all Members of Task-Clan! Every Public-Member have the ability to Join a War on “War #2”.
With out the Rights from the “War-Team-Members”!
Every Member have the ability to get the Passwort to Join the Game for a War.

Main Admins for War 2#:

  • DesoDog
  • Karma
  • Emzzy
  • Hannibal

Technique Supporter’s of War 1# / 2#:

  • DesoDog
  • Wammbo
  • Chone

Saygilarla Wammbo

WAR server 1 Liga ve Training ler icin kulanicas…
WAR server 2 pcw*ler icin ve bütün public ler icin…

Akillica walla

Nice felix :smiley:


Thankz for your explanation Wamboo… Eger’ki siteye ingilizce yazilanlar turkceye cevrilmediyse bana sora bilirsiniz, bende acikliya bilirim (If someone write in English to our website I can help to translate them whom people not understand it)
By Emzzy

thank you wammbo