TASK Warnight (English) EDIT

[size=150]EDIT: DATE OF WARNIGHT: 17 October 2009[/size]


Yes, you did see it right on the title. The TASK Clan soon will organize a Warnight! Of course we do want other clans to join us on this enjoyable event. If you ask yourself what Warnight is and why we organize it, well let me tell you right here.
The TASK Clan does more activities besides playing Counter-Strike. For example, we made CSS Movies, we have organized Lan-Parties and even more things. This time we wanted to try something different and we came up with this idea.
If you wonder what Warnight stands for, here is your explanation: For 1 night long (Starting from 20:00 until probably 01:00 or even 02:00) the clans that join us will play matches (wars) against each other. The rating system of this event will be quite different than the most people are used too. It’s way different than the one that ESL uses for example(This will be explained later). Of course the clan that gets 1st place will get a price. Even though it’s not a big price but it’s a beginning since this is the first time that we organize this kind of activity. The price will be 1 month of advertising on our website (This includes server IP’s, web-sites and even TS2 or Ventrilo IP’s + Logo’s (if you have one)).


Since this is quite an event, we decided to make some rules.
• There will be no cursing (or anything in that direction), cheating and even taunting on the servers (This includes Teamspeak).
• Threat the admins respectfully and honourfull.
• Only 2 languages are allowed on the servers (English and Turkish). If there are people that cannot speak 1 of those languages, we have professional translator who can help them (But bear in mind that they can only speak different languages in specially created rooms on Teamspeak)
• If a team doesn’t pull all the members to the server within 10 minutes then the team will be disqualified.
• If there is not enough people on a team then someone of the TASK team may support them (No one else may help, not even if they are from the same clan)
• If you do not apply to the rules mentioned above, you will directly be disqualified and banned from our servers.

[size=150]FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)[/size]

Question : Do we have to join this event as a mixed team or represented as a clan?
Answer : You can only join us if you play with your clan only (You may create more teams of 1 clan)

Question : If just one of the teammembers does not listen to the rules mentioned above, will the whole team suffer from it?
Answer : No, only the player that creates problems will get problems.

Question : How many vs how many will we play and may be bring 1 extra player in case of emergency?
Answer : It will be 5on5 and yes you may bring an emergency player but that player may only play when there is an emergency.

Question : How do we sign in on this competition?
Answer : A player of the clan will have to represent the clan on this forum/topic. And that player will have to give the name of the clan and that from the players with SteamID’s.


Clanname : TASK (The Alliance of Sane Killers)
Participating members : Player 1 (SteamID 0:0000000) Player 2 (SteamID 0:000000), Player 3 (SteamID 0:00000 etc.

If there still is something that you didn’t understand or wherefrom you want more information, please request that on this Topic. If it is something personal or private you can contact me with the following addresses:

Steam: Nighty_G
E-Mail : big_rhymz@live.nl
Xfire: bigrhymz

Please don’t post any unusefull messages on this topic.

Only questions and join requests.

[size=150]EDIT: DATE OF WARNIGHT: 17 October 2009[/size]

Clan: LunatiX CommunitY
Members: impact STEAM_0:0:19800876
Rugart STEAM_0:0:8657659
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